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Expertise and partnership in the chemical Industry
Making use of steel belt technology, we offer a full range of solutions for chemical processing, with expertise in solidification of:
Basic chemicals
e.g. sulphur, waxes, bitumen, aluminium sulphate, resin, etc.
Fine chemicals
e.g. stabilizers, assitives, detergents, etc.
e.g. bisphenol, caprolactam, maleic anhydride, etc.

e.g base materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries,

thoto chemicals, antioxidants, hot melt adhesives, etc.
With such a wide range of experience, we can offer proven solutions for virtually any solidification requirement.
Our application-oriented, steel belt-based processes enable us to meet the most rigorous process and product requirement.
Our speciality is the granulating of chemicals-directly from the melt into solid –in the form of pastilles, micropastiller, flakes and strips. the key advantages of our granulation technology ate:

1.       High efficiency

Direct from melt into solid in one step

2.       Environmentally friendly production
No contact between product and cooling media, therefore no contamination either way
Cooling water is recycled, therefore no consumption of water
No emissions into atmosphere
Practically dust-free processing
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Granulation plant direct granulation- from melt to solid- in a single step.
We offer a number of granulation solutions ,all extremely environmentally-friendly, capable of delivering end product in the form of flakes or pastillers, of these, the most efficient is the pastiller system, a combination of a steel belt cooler and the proven pastiller feeding device.
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