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  New Model of the electromechanical tracking device
Biquick has announced the latest version of its electromechanical tracking device, introducing a Number of
key improvements including fewer components and more cost efficient design.
The new model is available in a choice of five different shaft sizes: 60mm for 30KN, 80mm for 60KN,
100mm for 80KN, 125mmfor 100KN,and 140mm for 120KN,
The electrical control of the bearing box position is managed by means of a small Logical circuit.
The advantages with this new version include:
    The ability to take up tension force as well as pressure force
    Different erection possibilities
    Cost-efficient design
    Fewer containing components
    Direct driven embodiment
New tilt roll tracking device
A new compact belt tracker is now available in sizes to suit belt widths of 600,800,1000,1500,2000,2400 and 3000mm.
The compact belt tracker uses two wedges driven by an electric linear actuator to create a tilting Movement rollers.
the precise position of the tilt is controlled by sensing of the Belt edge position using the control box as used for
the electromechanical tracking Device.
The new tilt roll device offers a number of advantages compared with other simple
Tilt roll track including:
      Easy installation
      Light, self-supporting construction
      Compact, cost-efficient design
      Stainless construction option
      Control options, e.g. simple logical control, sophisticated PID control