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Analysis of China's metal and machinery industry, high-speed development
With labor costs in China increase two years, middle and low standard tool exports will gradually lose the price advantage, the export volume will be reduced. As tools to produce the traditional corporate standards continue to be the main tool, the sales will gradually shrink (some private gadget factory standard tools of traditional mass production, due to the high cost of large tool factory, unable to compete and gradually lose this part of the market) , there will be no future development. Therefore, our industry must change the concept of hardware tools, advanced tools to develop efficient production, efficient use of advanced tools instead of foreign-made products, to take back possession of this part of the import tool market, attention to after-sale product service, the only way, our tool business only promising, our tool industry to be revitalized.

Machinery manufacturing industry overall situation in the recent years, China's manufacturing industry to achieve sustained and rapid development, China is a manufacturing country: a large number of countries around the world in imports from China, and China's export of machinery and electronic products accounted for the majority. Cold and in the current economic crisis, the machinery industry, although severely affected, but the overall size and output after the United States, surpassing Japan, ranking second in the world, exports more than Germany, reached first in the world, China in 2009 U.S. vehicle production has more than door to the world. China has become a truly world manufacturing power. 2010, "Global Manufacturing White Paper" published "10 global manufacturing power" list, China ranked third. This year's "World Machine 500", the United States top 126 companies selected door, Japan 124 second home, third home our 77 selected companies. But this year the world's top 10 machine 500, the Chinese no one was selected; 100 in the mechanical world, China is only selected nine. Should recognize that China's manufacturing industry is big but not strong, although manufacturing country, but can not be called manufacturing power. Such as steel, we export a large number of low-priced imports of high value-added steel and alloy steel. Also the middle and low machine tool exports cheaper and imports more expensive and sophisticated CNC machine tools.

In recent years, although not small hardware tools industrial development, but far behind the machine tool industry. Efficient use of advanced production tools, mostly imported from abroad (including foreign-funded enterprises in China's tool). We also export a lot of tools, but the main tool is a cheap low-grade standard. In 2004, China produced about 2.5 billion tool, of which 2 billion is a cheap low-end tools (mostly exports), exports are still a few years after this basic tool is the middle and low. In the U.S. market, the price of medium-size twist drill about $ 10 each, while the market price of China's production of low-grade twist drill only $ 1, is used as hand tools. China is now the size of the world's first automobile, the automotive industry from abroad but efficient production line, the tool used by 80% to 90% is still the import tool (including foreign domestic product). Now our production tool supply situation is that the high-end products mainly rely on advanced tools imported from abroad, while low-grade malignant expansion tool products (most of the exports), this situation must change very soon. China's machinery manufacturing in the extensive use of standard tools, while developed countries extensive use of advanced and efficient tool, which leads the process much less efficient than foreign. Hardware factory in China is still the standard tools of traditional mass production, some small tool factory mass production of low-grade tool is also, according to statistics, China consumed 40% of the tool material world, the sales revenue accounted for only 12% of the world's tool industry to 15%. Tool of foreign companies are in the 40% gross margins, and our tool factory profit margins are low, some of the tools factory is also a loss. Now our tool factory to mass production of the traditional standards-based tools. From the mechanical manufacturing technology development trend, the future of China's high-performance CNC machine tools factory in the proportion will increase year by year, advanced and efficient tool to increase the demand will follow quickly, and the traditional standard tool requirements will be reduced year by year.

China's manufacturing labor productivity, only the United States, Japan, 1 / 3 to 1 / 5. Although many Chinese machinery prices cheap, but quality is low. Recently, as the appreciation of the renminbi and the rapid increase in domestic labor costs, coupled with the cold and the economic crisis has seriously affected the export of affordable products, but also compels us to improve the mechanical industrial technology as soon as possible, change crisis into opportunities, to create powerful Endeavor . 2000 to 2008, the rapid development of China's machinery manufacturing industry from 2000 to 2008, China's machinery manufacturing industry has grown rapidly, automobiles, machine tools, shipbuilding, power generation equipment production is not only rapid growth, and product levels are rising. Domestic machine tool output value of the market share: 56.3% in 2007, 2008, 61% in 2009 to continue to increase, reaching 70.1%. In 2008, China's machine tool industry consumption of 19.44 billion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world; production machine $ 13.96 billion, ranking third in the world; export tool $ 2.11 billion, ranking sixth in the world; imported machine tools $ 7.59 billion, ranking first in the world, Import-export trade deficit $ 5.48 billion. 2009, by the cold wave affecting the world economy, the growth rate decreased, but affected more seriously abroad. Last year, China ranked first in the world production of machine tools, machine tools imported $ 5.9 billion, exports of machine tools $ 1.41 billion, Import-export trade deficit $ 4.49 billion, import and consumption of machine tools ranked first in the world for eight consecutive years. In 2007 China's output of 123,257 sets of CNC machine tools, 32.6% increase over 2006. CNC machine tools in China in 2008 by the world economic crisis, output 122,211 units, essentially flat compared with 2007. January to December 2008, China's CNC machine tool production, affected by economic crisis, after a decline in July, rose slightly in December. China's CNC machine tool production in 2009 increased significantly, reaching 143,904 units, domestic CNC machine tools market share to 62%. 2009 situation of China's machinery manufacturing industry to see the whole environment, the second half of 2008, national machinery industry have been suffering from financial crisis, several major car and machine tool producing countries suffered particularly severe losses. The world's automobile production declined sharply, only China's auto production and sales not only did not drop, but continued to rise significantly in 2009, China's auto production has surpassed the United States ranked first in the world. First half of 2009, all the major national machine tool production statistics are as follows: Japanese machine tool industry in the first quarter of 2009, orders fell 84.6%, domestic demand and exports double down, affecting sales fell 46.2%.