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2012 National Agricultural targeting six key

This year is the "second Five Year Plan" nexus of the year, to achieve sound and rapid development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural and rural economic development for the promotion of special significance. Reporters from the recently held national conference on agricultural mechanization was informed of this year's agricultural work will focus on scientific and technological progress, changes in methods of agricultural development, improve quality and efficiency of the main line of development, to integration of agricultural agronomy, agricultural-based information integration for the way to adjust and optimize the structure and layout of equipment, the main weaknesses of mechanization and promotion of advanced technology focus, accelerate the advancement of agricultural equipment, operating level, technology level, service level and security level, and strive to mechanized farming income level of the country increased by 2 percentage points year on year more than 56% or more.

To implement the plan for support

Implementation of good agricultural support policies

It was noted that agricultural technology departments at all levels to keep the "State Council on the promotion of agricultural mechanization and agricultural machinery industry fast development view" work to deepen the implementation of the initiative to strengthen coordination with relevant departments to promote the implementation of the "Opinions" Agricultural finance, infrastructure, finance, insurance, taxes and other policies. Implementation of disaster prevention and mitigation to seize special opportunities for stable production technology, implementation and expansion of agricultural machinery for soil preparation subsoiling, straw, education subsidies scale planting and other operations. Actively and steadily carry out the pilot agricultural trade, improve the relevant systems and operational methods. According to the "National Agricultural Mechanization Development Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and the special plan, plan major projects, and strive to increase investment. Bear the additional one thousand tons of grain engineering, conservation tillage projects where infrastructure projects, should strictly follow the approved use of funds to ensure the progress to ensure quality. To the higher requirements, stricter discipline and more effective measures to further regulate, clean, efficient way to purchase of agricultural subsidies that the rich peasants benefiting the agriculture policy implementation, and implementing.

Breakthroughs overall progress

Accelerate the development of full mechanization

Key breakthrough is an important method to enhance the level of mechanization, overall progress is the ultimate goal of agricultural development. The meeting called for production of major crops around the full mechanization of the role of demonstration projects to accelerate rice, corn and other crops throughout the mechanization of production, and actively expand rapeseed, peanut, potato, sugar cane, cotton and other crops mechanization of planting, harvest area, efforts to promote agriculture is weak part of increasing the level of mechanization, conditional to the implementation of the entire village where the whole town to promote the entire County. Efforts to expand the field of agricultural services, progressive mechanization of farming close links to the before, during, and post-extension to further improve animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture, agricultural facilities, agricultural products processing industry in the early, comprehensive utilization of waste agricultural mechanization. The main farming season to continue to strengthen the organization of mechanized production management and technical services, and actively participate in agricultural disaster relief. To use modern information technology and other technological means, well-organized cross-operating farm machinery, equipment to maintain key areas of supply and demand balance, to maintain steady revenue growth of agricultural hand.

Demonstration to promote integrated innovation

Speed ​​up the popularization of advanced and applicable technologies

Meeting urged all localities to focus on both equipment and technology integration support, to explore the integration of agricultural agronomic, agricultural technology information integration mechanism, but also pay attention to model a typical guide, mature experience and technology will promote as soon as possible, as soon as possible to play a role. Strive to increase investment in agricultural technology projects, accelerate the integration and demonstration of scientific and technological achievements to promote ripening. Promote the implementation of the National Agricultural Training Initiative, to strengthen the training of agricultural professionals, expanding production efficiency, resource conservation, environment-friendly agricultural technology implementation of the new range. Vigorously promote the national demonstration zones of agricultural mechanization, diversified investment mechanism to explore and broaden channels of financing the construction of demonstration areas, giving priority to various types of financial projects and infrastructure projects, especially the purchase of agricultural subsidies to the appropriate tilt to the demonstration area. Around the country to actively participate in the construction of modern agricultural demonstration zones and high-yield activities to create a fully integrated farming in agricultural technology, and tap the potential of increasing production, the operating mechanism to promote the important role of innovation. Study the introduction of the national agricultural demonstration zones specification and evaluation of inspection methods, and establish demonstration areas eligible to opt out mechanism.