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Around 2011, Chinese construction machinery those things international
2011, started restructuring in the domestic economy, consumption upgrade, construction machinery market is not enough to force the backdrop, many companies will look into the overseas markets. Including Liugong, 31, XCMG, in conjunction, including construction machinery enterprises have begun to further increase distribution overseas; have adopted various means to expand overseas markets, to improve the industry chain, to expand market share and enhance competitiveness. XCMG, Zoomlion, Shantui, peak Heavenly Host and other companies win more export orders, record industry history. Today, let Xiaobian take everyone to breakdown of China's construction machinery market in 2011, international development business of those things ... ...

Sany Heavy Industry: Poland, the park opened factories in Germany

June 20, 2011, Sany Germany Fort Bedford Industrial Park officially opened. According to Sany Chairman Liang Wengen introduced, Trinity Industrial Park in Germany, the total investment will exceed 100 million euros, the project will include an engineering equipment manufacturing plant, a research and development center and a training base. After the project, annual production of construction machinery 3000, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 350 million euros. After following the Battle Fort Industrial Park, in the "wave Investment Cooperation Forum", the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Sany Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding: Sany plans to invest in Poland, established its first factory in Poland.

Sany is a comprehensive strategy of spreading globalization. "2012, the Group of sales to exceed 100 billion yuan, which will account for 30% of the overseas market share." Sany President Xiang Wenbo (blog) had said so. According to him, Trinity's international strategy through: the first product to go out and improve the brand and the international market's rapid reaction capability; followed by enterprises to go overseas to invest in factories; third capital to go out through the international operation of capital, to integrate international talent, capital, market and other resources. It is reported that the Trinity Group worldwide, has been in India, Brazil, Germany and the United States to establish a factory.

Monthly exports amounting to billions in overseas markets continue to exert

This year, Trinity crane realized monthly growth of international exports, and its international market share has also been improved rapidly. In August, Trinity crane single-month export over $ 100 million, which is thirty-one monthly sales results for the first time the crane billion mark. Sany cranes, general manager, said Qi Jian, 260 million yuan super single sign, and August, monthly exports billion mark for the first time, are becoming thirty-one crane internationalization is an important milestone, marking the thirty-one cranes have the capability and competing against international brands, the ability to crowded.

XCMG: frequent overseas orders

September 19, 2011, XCMG basis of the first products ready export Venezuela, Venezuela Item Xugong first products based departure ceremony was held on the basis of the company. XCMG the total value of orders with Venezuela 4.842 billion yuan, a total of 6025 sets of construction machinery and equipment, this is the start of June, XCMG, following the first after the second batch of 790 units, is the basis of the company's first export to Venezuela construction machinery products; afternoon September 25, 197 XCMG construction machinery sent to Bolivia, totaling more than $ 20 million, this was the following XCMG - Venezuela's largest single construction machinery, the market in South America Xugong a major breakthrough; October 80 technology companies from the production of XCMG loaders shipped to Iran in Shanghai, the export of the model is independent of the company with independent intellectual property developed by high-profile loader products, such high volume of exports, marking the loader XCMG construction machinery in China not only has the user's choice, also won the favor of overseas markets, and its degree of specialization and brand in the domestic market has been fully recognized.

Acquisition made by African research institutions in Europe plant in Brazil

According to Sun Jianzhong, vice president of Xugong revealed on XCMG the acquisition of two European R & D has been completed, then there will be further mergers and acquisitions program; XCMG factories in Brazil started in the end, no later than the first quarter of the year after that you can put into operation.

XCMG "$ 200 billion, international, world-class" under the guidance of the strategic thinking of making important decisions, according to industry fine, professional development, the rotary drilling rig, separate horizontal directional drilling, the company set up foundation for Xu Mechanical Engineering Group based project to create a broader platform for the development.