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Chinese manufacturing enterprises on the road five transformation

Reform and opening up has gone through 30 years of history, China's manufacturing industry in the growing maturity, the key is the "go" word. How to take a good, Luo Hui that the key is to grasp the "five transformation", which is the way the development of China's manufacturing industry a priority.

First, by the "manufacturer" to "system solution provider" in transition.

China's accession to WTO, "Made in China", "China" or even "Chinese wisdom made" concept and the fact been seen in the media. However, in comparison, we found that foreign competition now and when people come in and we take technological monopoly competition. What is the technology monopolization? Not the product itself, but a complete system. As a package, a software, which has everything, we promote the good of this system, that component is easy to promote, this is the technological revolution. Today, the multinational corporation is listed on system solutions, this is the application of information technology and other high-tech grafting traditional industries, to take a new road to industrialization. This is the technology R & D strategy which - from a simple manufacturer solutions provider to the system transformation.

The second is from the "traditional industries" to "energy-saving industry" restructuring.

Due to environmental pollution caused by natural disasters continue, the earth is bound to develop new energy sources, in addition to other nuclear energy, almost all the energy come from solar energy. Solar energy is inexhaustible, 1% of the whole area of ​​the Earth on the solar panels installed, put all the power all resolved, this is a terrific thing, and is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly.

Third, from "selling products" to "sell service" transformation.

Is to implement the "going out" strategy, implementation of the "turn-key" total package project. China has been in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe contracting in dozens of power plants, substations and power of the transformation project, led to equipment sales. This shows that we have established a worldwide network marketing system, innovation in the industry "M2B" marketing model, is actively exploring the transformation of selling products to selling services.

Fourth, the "business" to "business enterprises" transformation.

From the cottage-style "Zaotang between" burn the city's "tiger stove", and later burned the foreign market. Water temperature can also, fire is also very busy, the current five transformation is to make us better and faster growing mature.

Five simple and spontaneous by corporate management to scientific management transition.

Although private enterprise development through reform and opening up the catalytic growth, but in the early days of its formation and is still a long summary of the simple, self-management level. Competition in the enterprise scale expansion gradually shift from the management level of competition today, the management of the lag has become a bottleneck impeding the further development of enterprises. Thus, private enterprise must be completed from the simple, spontaneous changes in management to scientific management, make the idea of ​​scientific management, principles, methods and techniques applied to business management practice and enhance the enterprise's management level.