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2012, construction machinery rental market is still "money" King substantial
Construction machinery industry in 2011 blocked the development of multiple debt crisis in Europe, railway suspension, suspension and other security room, making the development of people's expectations in 2012 is not high. Recently, this reporter visited by Vanguard International Construction Machinery open city, through the understanding of the overall market in 2011 is on the machinery rental business is not affected, and optimistic about the development of construction machinery leasing.

As we all know a little more than ten million construction machinery and equipment, if one really works on how to buy, then project is over, the machine will be pointless; for small projects, leasing is more cost effective choice, and a small project a mechanical only need one or two is enough, to buy a new, plus maintenance, repair, hire operators, some of which inevitably waste money and time; If you choose to lease, leasing companies or individuals will take workers with their own operating lease, and these operators must be professional, experienced, and also reduce wear and tear on machinery, and maintenance, the cost of maintenance will save.

Machinery Leasing in concrete with communication and understanding of Yang, a concrete pump, need about four years to earn back the cost of a concrete pump requires two years; construction machinery market in 2011 despite the crisis-ridden, but they performance throughout the year and was not affected, and work as usual; both companies will be the first choice of many projects currently leasing.

2012 whether to continue to open many large construction projects, no one not sure, but sooner or later will carry out the project; start building big projects is unknown, but there are constantly doing small projects for individuals, businesses contracting for small and medium projects , relative to the purchase of new machinery rental construction equipment advantage. At the same time the flexibility of leasing, low risk, simplicity will be doomed in the construction machinery market in the coming year, regardless of how the industry situation, the rental market will still often in the spring.